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Hey guys, just a quick note -

first of all i've put some mexico pics on here, look for the photo gallery, but they're in the wrong order and dont have captions yet, will do that soon but cant stand this computer any longer right now, its been a little problematic! plus there's a hot beach and a cold beer calling my name, and i am powerless to resist any longer....

in other news, i swam with sharks!! very proud, as i am a fully qualified wimp. Ian is now a scuba diver, has his PADI certificate for Open Water, which he's really enjoyed learning. we're going to the Blue hole tomorrow - he's diving, im snorkelling - which will be fantastic hopefully!

anyway that's all for now folks, more soon...

love Ian and Erica xxx

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Belizean beach life

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We're in Paradise. No really. If you've never been to Belize, you need to go, right now. If you need to relax, if you want to forget all your worries....this is the place to come. I could quite happily stay here forever - and I'm not the only one - we've already met several people who have come here on holiday once and just never left. It's so easy to just stop thinking about anything else, it's so relaxing here.
Having lived in the UK, where you could probably keel over and die on a public train and nobody would bother to lift a finger, it's so refreshing to be in a country where people are actually friendly. you walk down the street and people just say 'Hi, how are you today?'. They don't know you. They're not selling anything. They're just being nice. I spilled a tiny bit of orange juice in the deli this morning and the guy next to me stopped mid breakfast to rush and help me mop it up. Little kids yell hello as they run past in the street. Guys selling souvenirs, when we explain that we cant buy anything cos we're travelling so long and cant carry it, wish us the best of luck and hope we enjoy our trip. The ladies in the deli have already realised that Ian needs his morning coffee and start making it as soon as he walks in - and we've only been here 3 days! It's just.....fantastic.

And that's just the people. I haven't even started on the island itself yet - we're on Caye Ambergris, in San Pedro. it's a tiny place, you can walk round it in about 10 mins, there's just three main streets which run parallel, and though they do have names, they're generally known as front street, middle street and back street. it's all quite touristy cos they make most of their money from tourist coming here to dive, and from fishing. Ian is halfway through his 3 day Scuba diving course, he's off in the water right now. I'm still too scared to do that just yet, I'm not confident enough in the water so I'm starting with snorkelling. I was supposed to be doing it this morning but they didn't have enough people to run the trip because its low season, so i might be able to do it this afternoon instead, gotta check later. hopefully i'll be going to Shark Ray Marine Reserve Park.

The island is beautiful - sunset last night was stunning, and we're hoping to see sunrise one of these days.....if i could just bring myself to get up that early. like i said...its very laid back here! The water is so clear and clean, and bright turquoise, there's coconut trees everywhere, its very hot, but not too humid. the food is delicious, the beer is refreshing....the only downside for us is that its quite expensive compared to other places we've been and are going....but i decided to go with the attitude of you only live once, i love it here, so sod it lets just enjoy it......like i said, hard to care about anything here! I'll be poor but happy!

right, quick roundup of the last week before we got here - San Cristobal, lovely little town, lots of character, bit cold and drizzley but never mind.
Palenque - famous Mayan ruins in jungle - very hot and humid, stayed at Mayabell hotel, don't ever go there the staff aren't great - ruins were impressive, we went early to avoid crowds and heat, which is a good idea, do it - has a couple of lovely meals at the restaurant at El Panchan, little travellers hangout.
Chetumal - Didnt see much of it, arrived at 1.30am, slept, left for Belize. arrived at Corozal, trotted off to get the ferry to San Pedro, met a lady on the way who told us they weren't running today, and that we should fly instead, walked us to a taxi, sent us to the 'airport' (field with cabin office), where we took a 12-seater plane (scary for me, fab for Ian), on about a 10 minute ride to the island. staying in a nice hotel for good rates, nice to have something a little nicer than usual - also good that we have cable tv cos its cheaper than going out every night!!

right my fingers are gonna fall off if i write anymore! better go and......well no actually i have nothing to do except sit on the beach, but the internet is expensive here! take care everyone,

love erica and ian xxx

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mexican adventures

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hola amigos!

well here we are in sunny mexico - well its mostly sunny....actually it´s been a bit cold in some places, and damn chilly in others. something to do with a storm on the coast bringing cold winds inland. anyway so here´s a quick summary of the last two weeks:

mexico city - arrived at night, bit scary but nice hostel, friendly people, good value - found taco stand, 40p each, yum yum yum ate lots - went to pyramids at teotihaucan, third largest pyramid in the world, we climbed it and the smaller one too. awesome place, beautiful views, and hot and sunny too! exhausting tho, but fun!
lots of walking around - we do this a lot, mainly cos its free.

bus to Puebla. puebla is a small spanish colonial city - pretty tiled buildings, but not a lot to do. other than walking around of course. had strange chicken with spicy chocolate sauce - weird, not having that ever again....supposed to be famous for it but think we picked a bad restaurant so bad example. beautiful churches and cathedrals.

apologies at this stage for any typos, the keyboards are slightly different here!

bus to Oaxaca (wa HAH ka), bigger colonial city. suposed to be very good for arts and culture but due to various circumstance we didnt see much of that. still, lovely place, stayed at a fab hostel up on the hill, so great views and quite peaceful. fantastic family running it, really enjoyed it there. its called La Villada Inn if anyone ever goes there!

guys at La Villada recommended we go to Puerto Escondido to stay with their crazy english friend Steve who owns a hostel there called Tower Bridge. he was indeed a little crazy but a great bloke, and a lovely place with little bungalows. its down on the south cost and it was HOT! very humid as well which took some getting used to, but was nice not to be cold for a change! we went to a couple of beaches, ian did a lot of swimming but i was a bit too scared to go right in cos they were BIG waves.....so i paddled a lot instead! hehe yeah i know im a wimp but i need to start with little waves....

last night got the overnight bus (14 hours) to San Cristobal de la casas in the mountains, arrived at about 11am today. snoozed a bit cos didnt sleep well on the bus, now just off to explore a bit.

so in general so far, what are my impressions of mexico......well, its very beautiful, the mountains are breathtaking - on the trip to puerto escondido we took a cheaper bus which went on the wiggliest roads i´ve ever known, made us feel quite ill but the views were amazing. its not quite as cheap as we´d hoped but locals assure us the rest of central america is, so that´s good. people are generally very friendly - we just need to learn more spanish so we understand them more!

anyway better go, more soon...

love erica and ian xxx

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just testing!

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Hello everyone, I'm just checking i've set this up properly!

basically this will be our blog on our round the world trip, where you can check up on our progress and hopefully i'll get photos on here and stuff too. (i'll try that in a bit...) it'll be mainly me writing it, but i'm sure ian will add bits here and there, and he'll be helping with photos! he's better at taking them than me!

right, must go work out how this works....then wil email you all to say where to find it....yes.....must be organised....hmm.....

bye for now!!

Love erica xxx

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